Autism Internships Ottawa

For the first time, The Owl Café in Ottawa  is offering an employment internship program for young people on the autism spectrum. We have developed a unique intensive “Employability” training program that will provide interns with employment skills and a chance to begin developing a work history.

Developed for young people with Asperger Syndrome and Autism

Age: 14 years of age and up

Date: On going

Time: Monday to Friday (9:00 – 3:00 pm)

Location: The Owl Café Ottawa , 1140 Morrison Drive, Ottawa , ON

Transportation to and from the cafe is the responsibility of the individual or family.                                                       

Program includes:

  • Hands on employment internship within a social-enterprise café setting
  • On going employment support for length of the internship
  • Employment training sessions around various job skills (Interview, Greetings, Dress, Focus, Mistakes, Preparation, Ask Questions, Directions, Stress, Responsive, Excel, Customers, Rules, On Time, Persistence, and more)

For registration and fees contact Suzanne Ford at (613) 266-3205 or 613-492-9000 or e-mail


“Intensive Internships Produce High Employment for Young People with Autism“ – Autism Speaks USA